A Newer "Slant on LIFE"

Forever is the period in which you find yourself living.

Finding yourself is the challenge... Finding yourself in the forever in which you are.

A game most certainly.

Finding oneself is the game.

One's self is the focus - in this game.


You Are Light

 You are Light – settled into the dark corners that are developing on their own - as result of the feelings of fear being generated within the major populace of un-lightened  beings as they walk in their sleep, listening to and believing most of that which is being offered up - as Truth.



I have a question.  If you could do one thing to give your life and that of all others - even MORE VALUE would you?
"Well now, that depends.",  You say.  If you could do one simple act each day – twice a day every day.
No worry – it is NOT illegal, immoral, nor fattening.  Would you do it – if the result of that act would potentially give not just your life, but also your families, your neighbors – everyone you know more value; then -- would you?       One single act.
It is extremely simple – but– – it is not easy. What is it?
     The answer is in my book.
It tells how the key was discovered, and it tells what the key is.
It even expands on a truth as to what you (and I) REALLY are.
It definitely is The key to the question, "how to give your life more value."  It can literally save the world:  it can alter the direction toward which man has his world careening out-of-control.

The key is all in the book.
It is not something where you have to get together with others.
It is a simple single procedure, YOU do.  It does require some time carved out of your busy day, but the results will be at present, unimaginable. Once you are successful -yes, there is a degree of perfection included in the formula: practice will bring perfection.

It's not because I wrote the book.  I was "indirectly"  given the key – and I put the "secret" into print.  It is just one of many that are now awaiting anyone who seeks.  My awareness as to the real value of the book came to me much later – after it had been published, actually.

"Life On Earth - the Game " is available over on the website.


From the Andromedan

  You and your growing friends swim in an ocean of love

It is bringing you to a level of consciousness which in months to come will resemble a blossomed condition, which at your present point might be difficult to imagine.

   The Rose does not imagine it's beauty of full blossom when it first begins its budding. Instead it is experiencing the new motion within its attendant awe of the budding – never suspecting the expanding which it is capable of. It just goes on with the process of becoming what it set out to become.

   We hope and know the bulk of you will achieve what you set out to realize there on Earth. We recognize the mass consciousness is strong, that negativity is particularly heavy at times in your life and to that we can only say: Trust. Have patience. Know that what you are doing is in alignment with the great plan. You are indeed the Noahs of your age/era. The arks You are building are planked with loving trust. Just as were his in the story.
     Yours are planks of knowledge, held together by loving patience. Recognition of truths expressed by others supply glue to hold the planks in place.  When a superstructure is only partially formed, it appears rather ridiculous to the uninformed observer. But as that superstructure is completed and the outer material is applied the craft becomes obvious to even the fool.
You Noahs are carefully assembling your superstructures. It is important this be done carefully. It must be done by you. No one else can do it for you. But having done it yourself, you will know how to explain it to other builders, as they come to you and ask – – and believe me, they shall.
   Stay, therefore diligent in your process of building superstructure. The ship of which you are building is significant in size – as well as meaning. For when you're planning to sail the Universe one of Universal dimension is most effective – down to scale, of course.
 This may seem to be a large project you've signed on for. Perhaps. But no larger than you can handle. Were the seed to be allowed to see the bush with all the blossoms it might go into "overwhelm", too.
 So, it isn't – and doesn't. Instead it just keeps a moverin’ along in the design of the plan keeping in sync with the plan. You, of course, can move out of sync with the plan as a product of free will. That will not, however, change the overall plan. Another will soon step in to fill the "void" and it will continue.

Process is a glorious phenomenon when powered by love. It may be felt/experienced by those within the process itself and it may be brought to recall when it is time for the "war stories", too.

Process is an amazing phenomena to behold – when possible – by those who appreciate/fathom the truth of the process while it is in process.    Many are watching this process in which you are involved, rest assured.
You have support and evaluators galore who are tracking the process; for when the time for their co-creating become a reality they'll have this phenomenon to draw from.

It has been a joy to communicate with you. You, hopefully, will have more on which to draw with this explanation. Your guides suggested we offer your guidance in this way as you comprehended so well thusly. I see you’re tiring. Go with the blessings of our Creator – Love, Beauty and Joy.
Always.  Aranan   [ my Andromedan aspect (or- I am its) ... It don't matter. ]  


A really nice one.

The beauty in Man walks unseen by most

Yet there - borne in a Genial Etheric Host.

Having crossed over vast plains of Ephemeral canyons of light,

Giving and taking, all the way

Gaining un-tellable experiences in its plight.

That of seeking to know and to find

What it is that is to be discovered

While walking across the cosmos

Hand-in-hand with that glorious enigma which, seeking joyously –

As an ALL Giving Partner

Awaits to be recognized – and smiled at.

Just see the beauty – and it shall be.


Outlook from TUT

The following is from his book "Manifesting Change" .By Mike Dooley

There are no hidden agendas for your time (here) in space.

No tests, no destinies and no judgment (no) mysterious, unknown variables working against you in this Garden of Eden, this paradise we temporarily get to call home.

Elsewhere Mike informs the reader......

Where manifesting change could not possibly be any easier than defining what you want, in terms of its end result and then simply and physically moving in its general direction.

Going further into his page he says ----

What good is it to resonate with the law of attraction and to believe in an all - conspiring Universe, yet simultaneously believe that God is watching and judging you, or think that karma might undermine your dream for achieving perfect health or that your desire for abundance somehow sinful or recklessly selfish?

By Mike Dooley in his book "Manifesting Change."


The warmth of the Light

Softly the morning commences to edge across the planet once more.
Bringing the Light. Closing out the night.
Once more the life giving rays of Light cast across the lands

Bringing warmth and Light to all that perceives the sun as warmth
and Light and a life giving Source.

Once again the signs commence to those who are awakened enough
to recognize the Truth within them.

The cool of the darkness is replaced by the warmth of the Light.


** without Love - the flower would be hard pressed to show its vibrancy of color.

When spring opens her doors
To upbringing the New once more
I marvel at her strength, her power
AS I watch the slow building flower
Or birds coming back, bidding hello
Constructing new homes, and singing so
All the time keeping tempo with spring.

When spring opens her doors
The clouds change - it's snow no more
Instead another form of Love - tis rain
Instead that is given to feed, wash & explain
To New Life (and old) the plans of spring.
Plans for more color, more promise to everything
When spring opens her doors.


So...What's happenin' ?

The amazing truth of being with God – ( and) God with man.

Man in his lifelong attempt to re-member throughout millennia has created – and created and created - - and created.
All the while; far too many not really knowing or understanding – the real,true WHY.
Not aware of the truth of the strong probability: the human being is in fact – The Creator – somewhat in miniature.
But definitely Creator – in tandem with THE CREATOR. THE SOURCE which provides ALL THAT IS . The entire supply. For anything & everything necessary to create WHATEVER hu-man desires to create. Be it shelter, be it modes of transportation, be it means of long distance communication.

Or, sadly - means of destruction.

Whatever hu-man has desired, it has all been made available.
Hu-man “discovered” the means, expanded or extended the “discoveries” to unbelievable ends. And the interesting thing is – ( now get this !) hu-man tries to hold the PROVIDER of the means responsible for the results of those creations as devised. “Why does God let bad things happen to good people”.
Now there is a grand example of misdirected and misplaced “responsibility “. Easily recognized as common practice of tort lawyers, so I’m told.
Truly - proof of the misdirection of thought and reason which man is displaying in this new millennium.
We see it daily, this tendency everywhere pointing fingers and demanding : “ OK – who’s to blame”.
But for the time remaining – yes, urgency does indeed prevail at this point in time. Whether you know it or not.
The single question would more accurately and responsibly be :- “so where did we go wrong?”
An answer bordering on truth would be: Hu-man has forgotten what he is (or) What she is - since arriving on Earth.

Earth- this fantastically pregnant, amazingly beautiful, for all of mankind - life supporting spaceship. Known as Earth to all who were allowed to (and invited to) – inhabit it.

WAKE UP O MAN ! ! WAKE UP HUMANITY ! A beautiful segment of you knows what you are.
Realign yourself to that spiritual truth.
YOU are NOT just that body which provides ALL the sensations of your second by second existence on planet Earth. Your body is a vehicle provided in accordance with the design of this challenge and exercise:
Altho we have many questions regarding the Mayan calendar, we are privy, however to the probability of a major change involving this planet. That change is even on a galactic scale. DO get your head around this and stay with me because it is important.
A GRAND birthing is unfolding and you are a participant in it. You ‘signed on’ just for this role.
That’s just another little detail you’ve, perhaps forgotten. 

If one looks around at what all is ‘taking place’ across the planet, one recognizes mayhem in various degree. Examples are unnecessary. Suffice it to say a large percentage of the occupants of Earth are entangled in giant webs of fear and lack. Lacking, they think – what they used to have. And they’re referencing only material ‘things’.

We each have an opportunity – if we wake up – to experience an extraordinary event and it will be an amazingly different one from those who choose to remain in a fear enmeshed place in a lacking and private world.
This path is explained completely by – among others, Jim Self, an unusual human being. A man with an amazing life story. It underwrites his explanation of what we may be experiencing in the near future. I encourage you to read further on his website at www.MasteringAlchemy.com. And to provide to you a short explanation; just know that all of humanity is connected directly to the planet. Not visibly but on a level of energy that is quite real. The reference given to it as “Mother Earth” should provide a major hint to the thinking person.


Peers - we're all peers

Peer pressure is the cause for the mutual actions of many people in various cultures. The most obvious in the US among adolescents is activity, clothing styles and even their hair. Some peer pressure is created by the laws of society to which most of humanity adheres “It’s for the good of all” they say. Even more subtlety is evident in the eating, smoking, sports and other voluntary activities of the adult human of the species.

One has the opportunity to deny any and all of these pressures, should one choose. And some do, but they’re looked at as ‘weirdo’s’. Too often we wonder “what’s wrong with them?”.

Well, maybe they hear the beat of a different drum. From far, far away.
- Far away where freedom is the primary guideline. .
- Far away where the blueprint was imprinted.
- Far away where the design of life holds a grand meaning.
- Far away where peers are recognized for what they really are: equal expressions offering and receiving no judgment.
Peers recognized as such without comparing. Peers from far away.

That’s what we’ve all forgotten. We’re all peers. Everywhere you look, everyone you see is your peer from far away. OH ! they’re operating in a different looking body style vehicle. That’s because the human is a vehicle of choice on Planet Earth.
They may be acting in a different manner, if so that’s because of the choices they made but they are your kosmic peer. Don’t get hung up on appearances. Yes, it is very difficult – not to…. Peer Pressure. It’s everywhere.

They came from where you came from. They are operating within the same system as You .
The format within which you all function is all the same.
That format would be Love and Joy encompassing you: an Eternal Unit of Consciousness – expressing and experiencing life on Earth. Not in the exact same way. NO! Everyone has choices to make as we are offered myriad options within this workshop in relationships. We’re peers because we units of consciousness, are each loving, eternal spirit energy.

I dare you to engage in this experiment: look in the eyes of others – very closely without judgment. If you will, the truth of closeness, the bond of connection just may surface. That is, IF the two of you allow it.

It’s time now. Wake up to your truth, to that love connection. Not a Hollywood type of love connection, but The Truth of what you really are. Embrace this truth as you look across the room, the street, the car, the table, the backyard fence. As you look into the windows of stores, of other cars, the screens of every TV program. They are each and all - your peers. They are expressing based upon their perceptions of themselves and their world.

You are invited to alter your perception of yourself and others. It’s not that difficult. It’s simple, actually. Come to remember what you really are. Enable that memory by partaking of quiet time, daily. Make it happen. Your present home, planet Earth, is depending upon your participation in this inner, daily exercise. Oh - just another relationship you have forgotten


A Trick Question

When you die – are you gonna be cremated or buried in a cemetery.
• YOU won’t be either one – whatever happens.
• YOU won’t be put in the ground or cremated.
• YOU don’t DIE.
That is what is done to the body: that vehicle which has carried you around all these years that you have been breathing and using it to experience this beautiful planet and all the people in it. You know- that face (and body) that you see staring (or smiling) back at you from whatever mirror you peek into. (Or show windows as you walk by.) It’s a vehicle only. A fantastic one, granted. YOU don’t experience death.
The body stops functioning – for whatever reason.
If the truth were known – it quit ‘cause you’d come to the time or event that you’d planned to use as a marker….to depart this Game. The lady who had a tree limb fall on her and “kill her”…. Did Not Die. She had created a blueprint that took her to that moment and included her intentions of leaving the Game - for whatever reason. And she left the GAME. Just like thousands do daily.

But YOU ! OH no - YOU are a one of a kind, phenomenal unit of consciousness; Plus, Plus, Plus. I’ve published a book about you. The real you. (Most everyone said they didn’t finish it.) The best part was the last 45 pages. It is mostly new stuff. Most folks have not read nor experienced, as did I the material in that book. That’s why I published it.

You see, I walked away from prison when I was about 33. Interesting that I would pick that age – huh.? The prison I speak of was the church learning that I was exposed to from my entrance day on. I literally grew up in the Methodist church. I have only good memories of it, especially the music and all the choir activity I experienced.

“Entrance Day” is the event we reference as ones birthday. It’s the day you make your entrance once again, (probably) into this Game called Life On Earth. It’s a game for spiritual beings. Uh – that would be YOU and Me and everyone else on this planet.

Is that a bit confusing? Well stay with me a bit longer.
Recently, my wife, Linda and I were talking about this death thing.
Yeah – we’re way beyond the ideas around “dying”. We’ve been in far too many groups, read too many books by qualified authors to get dragged down into the “morose subject of death.”
And we’re definitely against having to pay some padre, minister or priest to “say the proper words over us”. Heck - we want a celebration to take place here to try to match the one that’s taking place over there.

I told her I wanted my ashes put into a quaker oats container. ( joking just a bit, of course - )
“Then what am I supposed to do with them?” she asked almost seriously.

“Well you want yours to be spread across a garden somewhere, right?”

“Yes, or maybe …” and we talked about possible places for both our ashes to be spread.
Not buried and not setting somewhere in some urn.

You see, we feel the subject is one that should be talked about. The reason being she and I see this Life quite differently than most.

To witness a person agonizing over the death of a loved one – is, for me a waste of loving energy and the result of having given away ones power. By that I mean having bought into the words of an undeserving player in this GAME. Undeserving by parroting words they’ve heard and bought into. And the same was true of the person or persons that parroted those words from their upbringing; just another option in the Game, however.

Of course to have to make the adjustment of “losing” a loving and delightful loved one or friend is a difficult thought and may become a challenge, even.
And when they just happen to be both – as many spouses can become….. it’s very difficult.
UNLESS we accept the beautiful fact that this is just a game we’re in here. No, not the kind of a game that one can fool around about and not care what we do…. not that kind of a game.

It’s a game created by Masters for a beautiful reason. That reason was to make available for spiritual energy a place or setting that would enable them(us) to know, through experience – what they were not. Now there’s a switch. But at the same time to use their creative natures and build, while using this amazingly designed vehicle, in a place using any and all the resources of their liking. No holds barred. Whatever they chose to do. (Earth is a very unique place as planets go, so I’m told.)

And of course there were other non-conditions ( discussed in the book) that made this place an absolute - well, what it is today.

But let’s get back to the subject of dying. DEATH. It don’t exist. That was a trip laid on the users of the planet by default – way back in the days of Constantine. Read about it. Get informed.

A beautiful being who lived in Galilee had attempted to make the players of the Game at that time understand. There is no Death; but the story got twisted. And then more twisted. Just as most all rumors they were encouraged by folks with their own very selfish agendas. Power and control over others was at stake. The result is, to this day – nobody is willing to tell the straight story.

But I am willing and actually crave to retell the story that Jesus told the folks on the hillsides. He talked readily with those throngs who listened to his words – because it was important those words be heard. Straight from the creator of the GAME. That message needed to be heard, because there was tyranny and “death” everywhere in those days. And getting worse. All those folks needed to do was to wake up. To realize what they were. Unfortunately, as HE said – “they know not what they are”. And they sure didn’t. The Game kinda saw to that then….. and it still does.


Love is a feeling seldom known

Being close is a gift—and in some cases a challenge. Being close as your heartbeat is also present within the very breath of your presence. Merely acknowledge me. There is no “ how”?

It is simple. Merely acknowledge me. I truly ‘stand at the door and knock’.

Quietly, of course for that is my “style” as set by the parameters for your workshop Earth.

Love is the quality of my force (field?) and may be yours once you make the connection.

To make it - is to know it - is to embrace it unconditionally.

Love is an emotion feeling, seldom known – due to the inability to recognize it.

Once fully recognized it is embraced unconditionally and becomes the criteria for anyone's actions and thoughts.

Come into the resting place. Come to know of its power.

Recognize distractions for what they are.

Be ready to discard them all – there shall be many.

Remain in focus.


Everyone is wondering about 2012.
"End of the Earth" some are thinking. "Destruction" and "end" being synonymous.
End of the practices in most civilizations on earth - probably - as they have been functioning.
All one has to do is just look out upon what is taking place and realize many extremely unusual incidents are in operation worldwide. And each week is disclosing yet another event of amazing challenge.

The psychological response on the part of each human being as they react to these challenges as they appear on whatever media one may be watching will be the test.

Fear is prevalent in an extremely intense mode throughout the entire Planet. It is the main weapon now being used by the Game and most participants are asleep to the fact they are even involved in a Kosmic Game. But we all are.


Coming to the close of a year.

Let's use them for one reason only; to look at and see how we can build on the non-productive activities of our past 12 months life.

Without judgement. JUDGMENT NOT ALLOWED - remember that.

Just be objective and look to see how any of the activities and decisions of the past year can be improved.
In all actuality - it is BEST to just look into the future and plan to do the very best job we can.

****Just don't relive any of your past experiences....at least be mindful enough to NOT do that.

Ones object is to be - creative. So be it.